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Mathias-Erik Tempel

Senior Support Specialist

You’re a young artist and looking for a way to approach your audience both at your home country and worldwide? Setting up your digital headquarter for information, downloads and merchandise is easier than you might think.

Being a young and upcoming musician is quite tough — I know, I'm one myself. You’re not making much — if any — profit off of the digital streams and people just don’t care that much about physical releases anymore.

So, you go all in and make sure that your hits are getting as much streams as possible by representing them with awesome videos accompanied by well planned social media campaigns. Plus, you print some merchandise to offer along as a bundle for the few interested in that carefully crafted vinyl release. This is all great but, you know, in order order to establish true connection between you and your audience, you should also go out and tour a few cities.

We’ve all stumbled upon Soundcloud sites as well as seen the upcoming tour dates of our favourite bands in Bandsintown. The result is that we get a lot of useful information from different sources. Yeah, sure, you have your Facebook page to somewhat conclude it but so does every other artist. Never mind that the constant flow of new notifications and posts on the wall will make people quickly forget about why you came to your page in the first place.

What about really catching the attention and standing out as a truly creative artist? Wouldn’t you like to control every bit of information that's represented in your digital home? Wouldn't you want to reach all your audiences?

Build a website in multiple languages

Did you know that you can build a multilingual website on a responsive design within just a few minutes?

By multilingual, I mean that you actually have a language menu that filters out all of the content in only one particular language. For example, a Belgian artist needs to reach out in Dutch (Flemish), French and English so they’d cover just their motherland and send out valuable information to the friendly neighbors all around. The same example goes well for any other local artist in Europe.

Achieving this is super easy with Voog and it doesn’t involve any coding. Instead you can have a basic but informative website up in three languages in less than an hour. You can even copy content from one language to another, skipping the tedious task of re-adding all of your galleries, Youtube videos and music streaming widgets.

Voog has beautiful, mobile-friendly, ready-made designs such as Anchorage waiting for you. It’ll take some extra minutes to fully customize it by adding the best images out of your last few gigs. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Why not just English?

If you're based in Europe, there is a possibility your audience is already speaking multiple languages in your homeland. Use this opportunity to reach out to them.

English is an universal language but people tend to forget that most of us aren't 100% fluent in it, we just manage enough to conveniently get by. To top it off, Google delivers region-based search results and it helps you to stay relevant locally.

Go ahead, and if you need any help with setting up the content or with any specific widgets, check out our integrations page, knowledge base or just let me know about it.

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