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What has changed?

We have decreased the number of menu items and also the length of each individual submenu which makes Voog’s interface easier to comprehend. Also, we've repositioned the submenu items. Now you will easily remember where was this „adding new users“ thingy or where you can refer Voog to your friends. Or, at least, you will, eventually…

new Voog toolbar

Page editing tools such as adding content blocks under "Add" or images under "Files" are now visually clearly discerned from the other menu items. Also, signing out from Voog is taken one step deeper into the menu, which takes away the possibility to accidentally stumble upon it. Yes, it has happened. But – no more getting lost into the menus.

One of the biggest overhaul is the new "Content" section that combines different types of content into one toolkit — structure of pages, blog posts, posts from visitors to the forms and database (catalog) tools.

Last but not least — we replaced icons-only buttons with text-based buttons. Yes, it’s a little bit more verbose but, hey, now you can really read them instead of guessing or going through the tooltips.

Only your personal profile remains an icon there. Introducing Johnny — the guy keeping your personal Voog stuff in one place.
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