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Other people who can edit your website

Inviting new editors to your Voog site is simple as it can be done with sending out invitations via e-mail.

Adding editors or even new owners to your site is easy — the invitations can be send right from your site interface. Our system will e-mail a personal invitation which can be only accepted via the link inside the invitation.

Inviting a new user to your website

To send out the invites, open the 'Settings —> Users' menu where you can see all of the people listed that are already managing the site.

Just click on the invitation button and you'll be able to add all of the necessary e-mails to the invitation list.

Once the invitations have been successfully sent, you'll see a confirmation on the screen.

Accepting the invitation

Your friend will receive a similar invite as shown above.

New Voog users will be directed to a login screen and asked to invent and enter a password but existing Voog users need to insert their previously chosen password.

The difference between user roles - admin and editor

Admins (or also known as owners) are able to manage the site globally — there are no limits for them.

Editors are able to manage some of the site settings but not the key account settings such as the subscription info.

Changing user roles

Every new user added to your site will be in the editor role by default. To change the role, click on the 'Make admin?' link next to his or her status. Or reduce another owner back to the editor status if needed.

Removing users from your site

Removing users from your site is simple — just click on the thrash bin icon behind their status bar.