Luminor bank links

Important information about Luminor

  • Accept payments via Luminor, LHV, SEB, Swedbank, Citadele or credit card
  • No monthly fee
  • 1.5% of transaction amount, min. 0.15 €. Read more about pricing.
  • 3% of transaction amount, min. 0.30 € (corporate and non-EEA cards). Read more about pricing.

Luminor Payment Gateway

First take a look at the terms and pricing of Luminor e-Commerce Gateway, make a new account and fill in the E-Commerce Gateway Application on Luminor's website.
Once you've signed up, Luminor emails you your Brand ID and API secret key.

Then sign in to your Voog account, go to Store > Settings > Payments, and select Add payment provider.
You'll see a list of payment options among which you can find "Luminor E-Commerce Gateway" – click on the Add button and you're directed to a page where you can insert the Brand ID and API sercret key that Luminor sent you.

Adding Luminor E-Commerce Gateway as a new payment provider

To try out the test account, move the switch at the top right corner to Sandbox and fill in API secret key with the test key. Select the payment methods you wish to activate and then click Save and proceed. The sandbox account enables you to make a test purchase without making an actual payment.

Move the switch back to Live to activate your live account, fill in Brand ID and API secret key with your live key, select payment methods, and once again click Save and proceed. Now you're ready to accept payments through the Luminor payment gateway.

NB! If you wish to accept card payments through Luminor, you need to display Visa and Mastercard logos on your website.