Receive orders and payments online

Create your customers the opportunity to order from you online by setting up an online store. To make your customers' life easier, accept payments online too.

Voog ja Fleet Complete integratsioon

Create your own food delivery service

Take the matters to your own hands and set up your own delivery service. The orders from your store automatically create tasks that you can easily assign to your couriers.

Getting started is easy

1. Create your online store on Voog. Creating an online store is easy and requires no previous knowledge. Yes, you can do it. Start here.

2. Set up your Fleet Complete account. Get in touch with Fleet Complete and they will take care of the set-up, so you can start working right away. Fill out the form to create the account.

3. Assign the tasks to your couriers. All the important information will be available in courier's mobile app so that they can focus on working efficiently.

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We are there for you, at every step

This initiative is a joint effort between two companies that sincerely want to help innovate the restaurant business.

Looking forward working with you,
Voog and Fleet Complete

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