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We created Jooks' website on Voog. A simple test site turned into a beautiful website surprisingly quickly. Miraculous!
Voog is a good online service. To find the best solution, I only need to make a phone call.
In addition to being an easy and convenient website builder, Voog also has a friendly and effective support team.
This platform is best for my business. Easy, fast and convenient to use!
Everything is easy to use, no need to hire somebody to make an e-shop.
Simple to use and developing all the time. Automatically makes a bill for the customer. Easy to add payment options.
Voog is a local company from Estonia, so when I started looking for ready-made website templates to build my company website, it was one of the obvious choices.
You do not need many skills to set up a simple website and webshop with Voog.
Voog has excellent design options, easy to use, fast and helpful customer support, reasonable pricing.
Easy to use, and Voog has design templates.
We needed a webshop and Voog was the easiest way to do that.
Voog has a simple structure. Almost easy to create.
As for someone who wants to run his homepage by himself, I recommend it as it's easy to use

Mobile-friendly, lightning fast

Build a responsive website that looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop — without any extra work.

Deliver truly mobile-first experiences with a website builder built for speed.

An intuitive page builder

Do you know how to drag and drop? That’s all the knowledge you need to edit any block on a website page.

Our no-code editor and pre-made components (like contact forms, product galleries, or social buttons) get the heavy work out of your way.

Fully multilingual, no code needed

With Voog’s multilingual capabilities, you can add more languages to your website with one click.

Offer visitors a personalized language experience and rank your website in local searches with built-in SEO features.

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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages & contributors
  • 18 Custom designer templates
  • Unlimited languages
  • Website analytics
  • 24/7 support
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • API access & developer tools

Voog Plus

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Built-in SEO capabilities

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to improve your search visibility.

Optimize the SEO of your pages, add meta descriptions, titles, edit your sitemap, and more - all from one intuitive dashboard.

Developer tools and powerful API

Want even more control over your website? Build completely custom designs with our HTML-based liquid template code, CSS and JavaScript.

Interface any web app to push, pull, and manage your website with our API.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voog, and how does it differ from other website builders?

Voog is a no-code, multilingual website builder that allows you to easily create and manage websites without any technical expertise.

Here’s what sets us apart from other website builders:

  • Our user-friendly interface. The simple UI makes it accessible for individuals and small businesses looking to create a website without a steep learning curve.

  • Multilingual support. You can easily create websites in multiple languages, which can be beneficial if you target a global audience.

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive. All websites created in Voog are responsive and optimized for various devices (including desktops, tablets, and smartphones).

  • Our intuitive visual editor. The editor lets you see your changes in real time, making the customization process more intuitive.

How do I get started with Voog?

It’s easy to get started with Voog. Here’s how you can get your website up and running in three simple steps:

Sign up and configure your site:

Create a free account, select a template, and follow the onboarding steps in the admin dashboard to configure your site's global settings.

Customize and make it yours:

Personalize the look and feel of your website with your unique branding using the visual builder. It shows every page exactly as your visitors will see it.

Launch your new website:

Hit save and go live. Edit elements on your pages, instantly preview changes, check stats, and manage your site—all from one dashboard.

Enjoy the Voog website editor free for 30 days.

What are the pricing plans for Voog, and what features do they include?

Voog offers three pricing plans: Premium, Plus, and Standard, with the option to pay monthly or yearly. Check our Pricing page for a full breakdown of all available plans and features. You can try the Voog website builder for free for 30 days without the need for a credit card.

All plans include SSL security, unlimited bandwidth, website analytics, customizable design settings, built-in mobile optimization, multilingual support, online store capabilities, API access and developer tools, and password-protected pages.

Can I create an online store with Voog, and what e-commerce features are available?

Absolutely! All Voog subscriptions, including the 30-day trial, give access to our online store functionalities. Configure your store in minutes, add products, integrate your preferred payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, etc.), configure the checkout process, send automatic invoices or payment receipts, receive notifications on each sale, and more.

Here's a quick guide for setting up your online store:

  • Accessing the online store functionality: Start the setup from Store > Settings.

  • Store settings: Under Store Information, edit global store settings, update your address details, and customize invoice features.

  • Shipping: Add different delivery methods and integrate them with delivery providers.

  • Payments: Configure payment options like credit cards, bank links, hire purchases, and offline invoices.

  • Emails: Customize emails and PDF invoices for a personalized customer experience.

  • Checkout: Tailor the checkout process to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

  • VAT percentage: Set your store's VAT percentage using a full stop for decimal places (e.g., 20.5) without adding a percentage character.

  • Terms & refund policy: Add a link to the Terms & Refund policy URL to the website footer. Follow our guide to create a hidden page with the terms and link it to the store settings.

Check out our comprehensive resource section to see how easy it is to build an online store with Voog.
How can I add payment methods to my online store with Voog?

Voog allows you to enhance your customers' experience by adding payment methods such as bank links and credit card payments. Here's a simple guide:

  • Prepare your store: Ensure your domain is registered for online store management. Add terms and conditions along with a privacy policy to your online store.

  • Add your payment methods: Go to Store > Settings > Payments. You'll find an existing "Offline" payment method requiring no further setup. Click Add payment provider to access a list of payment channels available for setup.

You can start selling immediately with offline invoices. However, for stores expecting over 1000 EUR monthly revenue, adding bank links or credit card payment options is highly recommended.

How can I customize my Voog website to match my brand?

Our website builder has endless customization options to ensure that your site matches the look and feel of your brand.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can do in Voog:

What support and resources does Voog offer to help me build my website?

Voog provides a robust set of support and resources to facilitate the website-building process:

  • Customer support seven days a week: Voog offers quick, human support through the live chat widget and the website contact form.

  • Help center: Access a comprehensive Help center with straightforward articles, guides, and tutorials covering various website creation and management aspects.

  • Video tutorials: Learn visually with video tutorials that guide you through specific features and functionalities of the Voog platform.

  • Hire a specialist: Need a custom solution? We partner with top web development and design agencies who are ready to help you build the website of your dreams. Reach out to us with your requests, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
How can I add multiple languages to my website in Voog?

With Voog’s multilingual capabilities, you can add more languages to your website with one click. To add a new language in the editing mode, just click on the + Add button from the Language drop-down menu. Choose your preferred language, set language detection preferences, and add a website title in the new language.

Alternatively, you can go to Content > Structure, then select Add language at the menu's header. Choose your preferred language, set language detection preferences, and add a website title in the new language.

Moreover, you can easily translate your website content into another language. This way, when a visitor changes the language of your site, they will be redirected to the translated version of the same page in the selected language.

To find out more about language management on Voog, read this support article.
How does the Voog website builder handle website hosting and security?

Voog has integrated website hosting, and the content management software is always updated and backed up. We don’t want you to worry about technical issues like website hosting, security, or updates. Everything is done for you.

Even if you have a more complex problem, you can always talk to a real person and ask for help. This gives you more freedom to focus on the most important thing – your website.

When it comes to SSL certificates, we offer two options:

  1. Add a Let's Encrypt certificate to one or several of your domains. It’s free of charge and will be renewed automatically every three months.

  2. Add SSL certificates to one or several of your domains from alternative providers. This option is available if you have a premium plan. All you have to do is to click and upload the certificate files or send them via e-mail to We’ll set them up for you.

For more specific information about hosting and security, feel free to check out our guides on Backups and service Uptime, SSL certificates, and Personal Servers.
Can I get a custom domain or use my own domain name with Voog?

Need a new custom domain? Voog offers over 30 cTLDs. Please check our full list of domain prices for more info. You can also pick up a new, free custom domain with the Plus and Premium yearly plans.

Already have a domain? Voog lets you use your domain name (e.g., with your website. Once you've subscribed to Voog, you can move your web address (domain) to Voog. If you’d like to know more, check out this support article.

What are the best practices for SEO on Voog, and how does Voog support SEO efforts?

We provide robust SEO tools and features to optimize your website for search engines. Here are the functionalities you can use to boost your website’s visibility:

  • Edit SEO metadata individually for each page or site, providing clear descriptions to enhance search engine understanding of your content.

  • Analyze website traffic and visitor data for each page on your domain, gaining insights into your audience and understanding traffic sources.

  • Utilize Voog's automatic SEO scoring tool to assess how well your page is optimized. Identify specific areas that need further optimization for improved search engine visibility.

  • Remove broken or low-performing pages with simple redirect rules.

  • Automatically generate and manage your XML sitemap and robots.txt files. This ensures easy discovery by search engines like Google.

  • Easily set up your Google Analytics and other tracking tools within Voog.