Build completely customized website designs with Voog. All you have to do is work with the html-based template code, css and javascript. We host, scale and keep websites securely online. We also support your customers and constantly update the engine. Learn more about our developer toolkit:

Online code editor

Everything on the frontend is editable. Voog’s standard liquidtemplating markup is based on html which you can freely combine with css, javascript, webfonts, images and other files.

Developer Toolkit

Voog lets you stick to whichever code editor you prefer working on. Just keep it in sync with your website by pushing and pulling template files with our simple command line tool.

Community of specialists

There are a number of web agencies, designers and developers building their customer websites on Voog. All you have to know to create your first custom site with Voog is html, css and some basic javascript. No programming required.

Powerful API

Basically everything you can do with our online tools are also usable over the restful API. Therefore you can interface any web app to push, pull and manage bits of any of your websites’ content, templates, files, data, settings and user rights.

Database builder

The content in Voog falls into 3 categories — pages, blog posts and database objects. With the latter you can build dynamic content like product catalogues and portfolios.

Make your customers happy

Voog is not just convenient for you to develop websites on, it's also one of the simplest tools for your customers to build content. Jump on board, we are here to help you out with whichever questions you will be facing.