About the team

and the product

What is Voog?

Voog is the best CMS for building and managing exceptional websites and online stores. It is easy to use, yet super flexible at the same time. You‘ll never grow out of it. It’s said to be the best website builder in the world for multilingual sites.

Behind Voog is a team of 12 skilled craftsmen. Founders’ day-to-day experience in web design dates back to the 1990s.

We enable hundreds of thousands of websites and online stores from around the world to evolve and grow. Voog is used both by one-man companies and large, listed enterprises with thousands of employees.

Who is it for?

Anyone in need of modern and responsive website or online store can take advantage of Voog. No learning or computer skills are required to create and manage content with Voog.

It’s also a perfect service for web designers and developers for creating custom websites. We provide you with a powerful API, developer community and desktop tools to get things done with Voog.

The team

Henn Runnel


Henn has been building websites as a side story over the last two decades. Now he’s finally in this business full time — specializing in UX design and product management.

Mathias-Erik Tempel

Marketing and partnerships

Mathias-Erik stands behind our marketing plans. He is also the general manager of the team and handles customer relationships.

Veiko Strauss

Sales and marketing

Veiko is in charge of everything related to marketing at Voog. With his interdisciplinary attitude, you never know what kind of amazing ideas he might come up with.

Kersti Kinkar

Customer support

Kersti is the ambassador of all the users of Voog. Not only does she help everyone out, she also brings new ideas from users to the product development team.

Merle Palk

Customer support

Merle finds solutions to customers questions and gathers precious feedback for our future development plans.

Kalle Valge

Customer support

Kalle helps out Voog clients by finding solutions to all of their questions as quickly as possible.

Tanel Jakobsoo


Tanel is in charge of the pro tools at Voog, both for the development community and our internal use. Tanel is one of a rare breed — an empathic developer.

Mikk Pristavka


Fluent in both backend and frontend technologies, Mikk is helping out other Voog developers across the board.

Sirje Siilik

Tester, developer

Sirje keeps an eye on the quality of Voog as a product — tests out the new features across all platforms, files bugs for the developers and takes part in customer support.

Tambet Arak


Tambet has been into customizing computers and writing code since his childhood, so it’s only obvious that he became a software developer. He is working as a back-end developer in Voog.

Alvar Anthony Hämäläinen


Alvar is focused on developing Voog with his front-end skills.

Tõnu Runnel


Tõnu started his first web agency back in 1998 while still in high school. Tõnu founded Voog together with Priit to bring effortless website building to the masses. Today he stays in the loop with Voog as a member of the advisory board.

Priit Haamer


Priit is the rare type of developer who is just as concerned about design and usability as his own trade. Founded Voog together with Tõnu to bring effortless website building to the masses and stays in the loop with Voog as a member of the advisory board.

Our beautiful office is in the very centre of the old university town of Tartu, Estonia.