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Building the easiest website builder out there in order to help you grow your audience and business. In as many languages as you need.

Our story

Our story starts in the early 2000s, when our founders were running a digital agency. 

Voog grew out of the frustration of having to build a content management system (CMS) for each separate website they were building for clients. To overcome that frustration, we started working the idea to create a universal CMS that anyone could use.

Behind all of this are our founders. Their experience includes building and launching services like Skype, Taxify, and Sixfold. The team itself has many specialists from different fields. Each individual with their own rich background.

In addition, we have always felt that people should be able to consume content on the web in their native tongue. So we built the easiest system to create websites in multiple languages. Even today, more than 12 years later, we remain true to those two main ideas. Our main drive is still to be the easiest website builder. And the best tool for building multilingual websites.



No tricks, no egos. Everyone in Voog respects each other and all of our customers. We try to understand everyone. And help our employees and customers any way they need.


As a software, Voog is as simple as possible. Both in design and as a product. We use the same principle when organizing our work, handling our internal processes and doing business.


We are constantly moving forward. Learning from our experiences and mistakes. Helping others rise with us and finding ways to become bigger, stronger, wiser.





+60 people

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Our team consists of specialists of different backgrounds and experiences. All of us are committed to our values and to providing the best service possible to our clients.

Henn Runnel


Henn has been building websites as a side story over the last two decades. Now he’s finally in this business full time — specializing in UX design and product management.

Tanel Jakobsoo


Tanel is in charge of the pro tools at Voog, both for the development community and our internal use. Tanel is one of a rare breed — an empathic developer.

Mikk Pristavka


Mikk has returned to the Voog team as an experienced front-end developer, and his versatility shines through as he is always ready to lend a hand in other areas as well.

Sirje Siilik

Technical support

Sirje is a valuable member at Voog, assisting users with technical issues, website management, and also contributing to smaller development projects.

Tambet Arak


Tambet has been into customizing computers and writing code since his childhood, so it’s only obvious that he became a software developer. He is working as a back-end developer in Voog.

Tõnu Runnel


Tõnu started his first web agency back in 1998 while still in high school. Tõnu founded Voog together with Priit to bring effortless website building to the masses. Today he stays in the loop with Voog as a member of the advisory board.

Annes Aus

Customer support team lead

Annes leads Voog's customer support team, ensuring seamless communication, and he also keeps a close eye on several other important operations at Voog.

Ethel Linnasaar

Marketing manager

Ethel is responsible for Voog marketing projects and their organization. Go to the Voog blog page to also find exciting articles written by Ethel.

Piia Matsi

Customer support

Piia is focused on solving Voog users questions and concerns. Besides customer support, she as well helps with marketing projects.

Peeter Paal


Peeter helps users with different technical questions. In addition to user support, Peeter also contributes to development projects.

Veiko Jääger

Product Designer

Veiko is an expert in product design. His contribution helps ensure that Voog offers not just a beautiful appearance, but also an excellent user experience.

Tarmo Petrovits


Tarmo, a skilled front-end developer at Voog, excels in client-side development, creating web solutions that are both user-friendly and highly effective.

Dragos Voicila

Content Marketing Manager

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