Design and build powerful, unique websites for your customers. We take care of everything on the system side and give them tech support.

Most importantly, Voog is probably the nicest tool for website content management.

It’s multilingual

Your site can be in an infinite number of languages in parallel. And the tool itself is translated into 15 languages.

Responsive, mobile-ready

Both Voog itself and sites built with it work equally well on both desktop, tablet and mobile.

Completely customizable

We also provide powerful tools for developers with which they can build websites with any kind of design and functionality. Here are some examples of unique sites created with and running on Voog:


Crypto startup

Stella Soomlais

I Wear* Experiment

Lentsius Design

Lõvi Lõvi Lõvi

Maarja Nuut


Online flower courier

Music Estonia

Kalamaja Printsess

Erki Pärnoja


Eco retail stores

Sibyl Vane


Messaging platform

Angelika Mikk

Viljandi Folk

Folk music festival



ESTBAN is a circle of business angels based in Estonia.

Investor network

Janno Trump

Pùr Mùdd

NOW! Innovations

Providing payment and billing platform for parking, EV charging, bike parking, and other mobility services.

Parking tech startup

Finest Sounds

Stella Soomlais

Get your own one-of-a-kind leather bag from Stella, a renowned young leather designer.

Leather bags

Michael Künstle


Gaming software company


Theatre festival

PR Strategies

Public relations

Farmi Dairies

A dairy industry company with broad product portfolio — from fresh milk to butter, yoghurt and cheese.

Dairy brand


Advertising contest

Turundajate Liit

Marketing Association

Open, managed, evolving

The tech behind your website is already set up, secure and constantly developed further by us. Still, you aren’t closed in — Voog is built on open standards. Any web dev can build sites on it, extend functionlity with our open API or help you take your data and switch to some other platform.

We are legion

There’s a large community of people building websites on Voog — dozens of agencies and tens of thousands of website owners. We give our partners 25% of the initial payment for each customer they bring.
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