Privacy Policy

List of partners we share data with

Categories of recipients
Partner namePurpose
Analytics, data routing

Amplitude, Inc
Service usage patterns analysis

Google Ireland Ltd (Google Analytics)
Web traffic analysis

Mixpanel, Inc.
Service usage patterns analysis GmbH
Churn prediction based on client’s usage patterns of the Service

Segment, Inc.
Central platform to collect, store and route user data to third party services (analytics, marketing)
Payment processors

PayPal (Europe)
Payment processing

Adyen B.V.
Payment processing

LHV Pank AS,    
SEB Pank AS,    
Swedbank AS,
Maksekeskus AS
Payment processing
Domain registries / registrars

Namecheap, Inc.
Domain name registration

Gandy Company
Domain name registration

Estonian Internet Foundation
Domain name registration (.ee domains)

Network Solutions Department
of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Domain name registration (.lv domains)
Commercial partnerships

Resell partners
Web hosting companies (Estonia and Denmark)
Sales and marketing service providers

Sendsmaily LLC
Sending newsletters:
- direct marketing
- Service update information

Sending e-mails:
- onboarding e-mails
- account related information

Facebook Ireland Limited
(Facebook Pixel)
Direct marketing

Operational services providers

Amazon Web Services, Inc
Web hosting provider

Zone Media
Web hosting provider

Web hosting provider

Freshworks, Inc.
Platform to receive and answer to customer support requests
Accounting service providers
Bookkeeping company
Bookkeeping (in Estonia)