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Google rewards both frequent updates and mobile optimisation with a better site ranking.

Browsing web

All websites on Voog are mobile optimised, responsively adapting to any screen size your visitors use. But this is just one part of being friendly towards your visitors. The other part is readability — interesting and accurate writing.

Websites are rather scanned, not read even by desktop users. The attention span of an average visitor is very short and boredom kicks in easily. This 'disorder' is even worse with mobile users. Therefore you must make sure to produce great content

Here are a few tips to make your content more interesting:

  • Combine texts with visuals — photos, graphs, videos.
  • Break long text blocks into shorter paragraphs, structure an article into subsections with subheadings

Which photos to use?

Photos and other visual materials placed to your site should reflect your company and what you do there – telling the story of your product or service and people behind it.

If possible, then instead of making photos on your own, do let professional photographer help you. You can also use iStockPhoto or other similar sources to illustrate your site. Keep in mind though — personal style and unique photos helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Performing content updates

As what I've written in my previous post then most buttons in Voog edit mode are there to help you to build your site.

You can make smaller online changes without closing or hiding the subpage from your site menu. To do so, just go to 'Page settings' under page like icon on the right corner of your site, change 'Publish changes' from 'Automatically' to 'Manual publishing'; add content block with new information; delete the old one when ready and save changes you’ve made. That way you’ll be able to make minor changes online without putting down the whole page for the final users/visitors. When new data has been entered just delete unnecessary parts and push “save” button or check 'Publish changes' to 'Automatically'. 

Correct URL and built in SEO tools

While building a site or adding new sub pages It's wise to check also what is the final URL — occasionally it might happen, that site content can be updated so, that old URL does not reflect the actual content anymore. 

When you're on your blog page then same icon ables you to change the author of the article, publishing date and already mentioned URL. It happens quite often, that users don't pay attention to their blog url and their blog address end's up looking something like that: new_article_23  

And as here already, then do fill in also your page description – giving a general overview of the content on this very sub page in couple of short sentences. Content entered here, will be shown in search results like that:

Oh, and when writing a blog post and thinking of sharing it via social media, then here are some tips to read. Plus it's possible to integrate your social media feeds to your site as we've done on this very page.
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