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Beautiful mobile-friendly online store

All of our pages are automatically optimized for mobile devices, and we offer many easily editable design templates. This ensures your online store looks great on any device and allows you to add your unique touch.

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Efficient product management

Quickly set up or update products in bulk via XLS or CSV import. In addition, the visual bulk edit tools let you adjust visibility, prices, stock, categories, and dimensions seamlessly.

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Product showcase capabilities

Customize how product listings are displayed. Voog automatically creates an SEO-friendly product page for each item in these listings. For more control, create custom landing pages where you can add “Add to cart” buttons manually.

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Tailored checkout experience

Voog offers built-in support for PayPal, Voog Pay (powered by Stripe), MakeCommerce, Montonio, and more. Customize your online store's checkout experience by switching on preferred methods and adjusting checkout fields as needed.

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Order and shipping management

Sort orders by status, send automatic invoices, download shipping labels in bulk, and set up regional or global shipping options with Omniva, Itella Smartpost, DPD, or Outvio.

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We created Jooks' website on Voog. A simple test site turned into a beautiful website surprisingly quickly. Miraculous!
Voog is a good online service. To find the best solution, I only need to make a phone call.
In addition to being an easy and convenient website builder, Voog also has a friendly and effective support team.
This platform is best for my business. Easy, fast and convenient to use!
Everything is easy to use, no need to hire somebody to make an e-shop.
Simple to use and developing all the time. Automatically makes a bill for the customer. Easy to add payment options.
Voog is a local company from Estonia, so when I started looking for ready-made website templates to build my company website, it was one of the obvious choices.
You do not need many skills to set up a simple website and webshop with Voog.
Voog has excellent design options, easy to use, fast and helpful customer support, reasonable pricing.
Easy to use, and Voog has design templates.
We needed a webshop and Voog was the easiest way to do that.
Voog has a simple structure. Almost easy to create.
As for someone who wants to run his homepage by himself, I recommend it as it's easy to use


per month billed annually or €50 monthly
  • Includes all Plus features
  • Bulk product management
  • 0% Voog fee
Try 30 days for free


per month billed annually or €14 monthly
  • 3 products, users and languages, 30 pages
  • 3% Voog fee
Try 30 days for free

What’s the cost?

In addition to the paid plan, payment providers usually apply 2%-3% fee per transaction. Voog Plus and Standard add an extra 3% fee, except for Voog Pay. For example, a €100 order with a 2% provider fee and 3% Voog fee costs €2 + €3 on the Plus plan. The Premium plan has no extra fee, so the cost is only €2.

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Seamless payments with Voog Pay

Bring global payments and wallets to your store's checkout with no redirects to external payment pages. Fees start at 2% + €0.30 per transaction, with no additional fees. Powered by Stripe.

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All the features
you need

Launch your online store and reach customers in minutes with our intuitive website builder.

Beautiful themes

Easily editable design templates to match your store's style.

Mobile-friendly online store

All pages are optimized for mobile devices for a seamless experience.

Powerful editor

Change the look of your page by adjusting colors and fonts.

Advanced developer tools

Build custom designs with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and our API.

Easy product import

Quickly set up or update products in bulk via XLS or CSV import.

Bulk product management

Adjust visibility, prices, stock, and categories seamlessly.

Automatic product pages

Voog automatically creates SEO-friendly product pages.

Flexible product list display

Customize product listings or create custom landing pages.

Modern multimedia support

Add videos and galleries to showcase your products.

Intuitive file manager

Upload files, images, and videos to your account and add them easily.

Customizable checkout

Switch on various payment methods and customize checkout.

Seamless payments

Use Stripe-powered Voog Pay for cards and Apple Pay with low fees.

Full order management

Send automatic invoices and get notifications for each sale.

Convenient shipping

Set up shipping with various delivery options or sell locally.

Dynamic discounts

Create sale prices and discounts for products or shipping.

Optimized performance

Analyze traffic and visitors and see your store's progress.

Multilingual store

Translate product names and descriptions in multiple languages.

Trusted security and hosting

As a cloud-based software, Voog handles hosting and security.

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