Building your website in multiple languages

Take advantage of our multilingual feature and push your Voog site to the next level.

Adding a new language to your site

Click on the '+ Add' button in the language menu.

Clicking on the 'Add' button in the navigation menu under the language choice on your website

First, choose a preferred language from the Language name drop-down menu and then type in the name you'd like it to appear in the language menu to the Name in menu field.

If you'd like the web browser to detect the user language preference by location, choose to Detect by location from the Which language visitors see? field. Alternatively, you may also select this language as a default for all visitors.

The region
will help you display the country's flag preference on your website. NB! The availability of the Region setting depends on which standard design you have chosen.

The form for adding a new language to the site

The second way to build a new version of your site in another language is by going to Content > Structure and choosing 'Add language' at the menu's header. 

Then, again choose a preferred language, give it a menu name, set the language detection on or off and lastly, add a website title in this new language.

Translating your pages into other languages

Translated pages are bound to each other. If a visitor changes the language of your site, then they are redirected to the translated version of the same page in the selected language.

Highlighted red links, when the navigation links are untranslated in a new language

There are two ways to translate a page. All your untranslated pages are greyed out in your site's main menu.

Translating one of the navigation links by clicking on them in the structure view
Click on the untranslated page name to open an 'Add a new page' menu asking you to type in the page title. You can also change its address if necessary and pick the preferred layout.

The alternative way to translate a page into a new language is to go to Content > Structure.  Choose the language you want to translate into from the upcoming menu.

Highlighted untranslated page names when creating a new language in structure view

Choose your preferred language from the top panel and expand the list to see all the pages on your new site. You'll see the 'Untranslated' note next to each page that still needs to be translated.

Once you click on it, you'll be directed to the 'Add a new page' menu, where you'll have to give the page a title, manage its URL and select a layout.

Removing a language from your website

If you'd like to delete an existing language from your Voog website, go to Content > Structure, select the preferred language that you'd like to delete from the header menu and then click on the bin icon behind the 'Language name' field.

Clicking the trash bin icon next to the language name in structure view

When clicked, a window will pop up to ask for your confirmation. You can confirm it by selecting OK or not proceed by selecting Cancel.

NB! Deleting a language environment also deletes ALL content and pages in this language. Remember that there has to be at least one language left for your site to be accessible to others.

If you have accidentally removed the only language from your site, write to us at, and we will help you recover your site.