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Changing the language code in your site menu

Quickly configure a language on your Voog site.

How do I change the display name (title) or language code of the existing language?

Go to '€˜Settings '†’ Structure'€™ and select the preferred language that you'€™d like to manage from the header menu.

From the '€˜Name in menu'€™ field, you'€™ll be able to change the title that this language is being displayed as in the language menu.

'€˜Which language visitors see?'€™ menu allows you to select the current language as a default for all the guests or lets the preference to be detected by location.

Lastly, give the website a new name from the '€˜Website title'€™ field and once you'€™ve finished with the changes, click the '€˜Save'€™ from the Voog user interface and your changes will be applied.