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Managing submitted form entries

Your form entries are kept with your website and you can access them anytime you want.

How do I access submitted form entries?

All the form entries submitted by visitors are stored with your website. You can view all your forms and their entries from 'Content > Forms'. From the upper menu, you can choose between all of your forms to view entries of each form.

You can click on each entry and see the content of it as well as where it was submitted from. Also, you can download the entries as a .csv-file. For that, open that very form which entries you want to download and click on the 'Download' button situated on the right upper corner.

Voog also tries to help you out by marking truly suspicious entries as 'spam'. You can delete all those spam entries by clicking on the 'Remove all spam entries' button. Also, you can delete each of the entries manually from a recycle bin icon next to the entry.

Can you send all the submitted entries to your e-mail address?

But of course. For that, navigate to the page on your website where the form is located at. Click on the ratchet icon on the upper left corner of your form and you can see the settings view pops up. 

Insert your e-mail address to the field of 'Receive entries to email' and all your future entries will be sent your e-mail address as well. Please do note that you can only set one e-mail address to be the recipient of submitted forms.