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Going live with your blog post

Learn how to publish your drafts with a few easy steps.

Publishing your blog post

As you're in the process of writing your blog post, its saved on your site as a draft that only you and the users of your website can see. Drafts are a great way to develop an article without having to worry that the guests might see it.

But once you're ready to publish your blog post, you can do that by simply going to the article page and clicking on the 'It's hidden. Publish it when ready.' link thats showing up in the lower-right side of your Voog menu.

Hiding your previously published blog post

In case you ever need to hide a certain blog post that has been already published, just log in to your Voog site in the edit-mode and open the blog post that you'd like to hide.

Then, click on 'Article' at the lower-right corner of the Voog panel and select 'Hidden from public' from the 'Visibility' menu. After you're done, just click on the 'Save changes' button.