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Duplicating content

You don't have to copy your pages content manually — just use our duplicating function to do it with just a couple of seconds!

Duplicating a page within one language

To create a copy of your page within just a few moments, simply open the page that you need to copy, click on 'Page' on the menu bar and at 'Page settings' click on the 'Duplicate' button at the bottom right corner

Once you see the notification that your page has been successfully duplicated, you can proceed to the 'Settings —> Structure' menu and rename the copied page, drag it along the structure where necessary or even hide it from the main menu — it's totally up to you!

Adding a new language along with content from the front page of another language

To add a new language to your site open 'Settings —> Structure' menu and click on the 'Add a new language' button. Fill in the necessary information and open the 'Duplicate content from' menu to choose from which of the existing languages you would prefer to import the content.

Copying particular page content from one to another

In case you have added galleries or large tables and wouldn't want to start adding them again manually in a new language, just use our content duplication feature.

Adding a new page in a new language structure is really easy — click on the grey untranslated page name to bring up the page settings. Similarly to the process of adding a new language, you can select from which language you would prefer to duplicate the content.