Hiding pages & making them visible again

You can control the visibility of all the pages on your site with a few clicks.

How do I hide a page or a subpage?

In order to hide a page from the menu, click on 'Page' at the lower right corner of your Voog menu. There you'll be able to see your current page title, URL,  visibility and other settings.

Simply switch off 'Visible in menu' and click the 'Save' button at the bottom and the page will be hidden from the menu.

Once you're ready to change your page visible again, open the same menu and toggle 'Visible in menu' back on again.

As an alternative, you can also access page settings via 'Content' > 'Structure' and proceed to the correct language from the upcoming page.

Then click on the 'Settings' link behind the desired page name to access the menu where you're able to configure its visibility.