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How to create discount codes?

Read about creating discount codes for your e-store campaigns.

What types of discount codes can I create?

You can set up discount codes from Store > Discounts menu. Share this code with your online store’s clients. They can redeem it by entering the code in your store’s shopping cart.

Discount codes can be applied to:
  • shipping method
  • cart (excluding shipping)
  • cart and shipping
  • specified products
NB! There is no option for creating automatic discounts or automatically applied free shipping from purchase amount.

Discount code settings and editing

You can set either percentage or specific value for a discount code. Set a limit on how many times the current discount can be redeemed or a certain time period. If left empty there’s no upper limit.

NB! Note that the discount code cannot contain special characters, such as umlauts (ä, ö, ü).

A discount code created for a certain product applies to all its variants. If you wish to make a discount for a specific product variant, a new product should be created.

You can fully edit your discounts. If you wish to edit the percentage, extend the campaign time or increase the redemption limit - you can freely do so at any time. Note that the changes will affect the new orders only.

When will the code be counted as redeemed?

Discount code will be counted as redeemed when a customer chooses a payment method in check out. This means that the redeemed code value might not always equal to payed orders, for example when the payment is cancelled.