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Using the background picker

Your Voog template comes with a simple background picker that helps you personalize your site quickly and easily.

You can find the background picker in the upper-left corner of your default background image. By the way, depending on the template, the position of the background picker may vary.
Using the background image picker

As you click on the icon, the picker will open up which you then can manage. For example, you can replace the default image or just delete it. Instead of an image, use a preferred color from the palette.
Using the background color picker

To add a personal image as a background, simply upload it to the 'Files' menu and then drag it onto the background picker.
Adding images for the background from Files

In case your image is too busy and texts on your site become unreadable, shade the image with the color palette.
Background color palette picker

Your texts will change color automatically depending on the color of the shade - in the light background, texts become dark and on the dark background, they become light.