Managing blog comments

Access and organize your Voog blog and its comments with these easy steps.

How do I manage comments on my blog posts?

To see the latest comments on your Voog blog, log in to your site in the edit mode, go to Content > Blogs menu.

The list of blog posts on the site when clicking 'Blogs' under 'Content' in the menu bar

You will be directed to your blog manager, where you may see all of your blogs listed in the top menu, as well as all the current blogs posts listed under it.

On the right side of the listed blog posts, you may see the number of current replies to these particular posts. When clicked, you'll be directed to a new page where all of these comments are listed.

If you've received any spam in the comments, make sure you mark these with the 'Mark spam' button. Once you've marked all the spam, click on the 'Remove spam comment' link in the header of the menu.

When you've accidentally marked a regular comment as spam, simply click on the 'Not spam?' link behind the comment and it will be restored.

How do I locate the e-mail addresses of the people who have left comments on my blog?

You can contact the people who have left comments on your blog posts if they've filled out the 'e-mail' field while adding a comment.

To locate their mail addresses, go to the Content > Blog menu and open the replies of the corresponding blog post.

You'll see all of the comments listed and the e-mail addresses can be found right behind the commentator's name.

You may click on the e-mail address to open up your mail service app or simply copy the e-mail address with a right-click for later.