Changing your page layout

You can easily switch in between our basic page layouts whenever needed

Voog offers you five different layout types to get your site going:

  • front page;

  • common page;

  • blog & news;

  • product;

  • product list.
Clicking the page settings icon on the bottom right corner

In case you ever need to switch them up, go to the page that needs a layout change, click on the 'Page' icon and open the 'Page settings' menu. Select your preferred layout and click on 'Save'.

Selecting a page layout from the page settings tab

NB! Note that once you change, for example, a common page into a front page, then depending on the design, some of the content on this page might not be visible anymore. That is due to the layout placement of the particular design.

No need to panic, though – nothing is deleted and you'll get your content back once you reselect the previous layout.