Creating a custom 401 and 404 page

Take control of the important messages displayed on your website and customize them to your needs.

What exactly are 401 and 404 pages?

401 Unauthorized Error means you need to either log on to a password protected page (enter a valid mail address and password) or you’re just not supposed to access this particular page.

404 Not Found error indicates that the guest is visiting a missing page of an otherwise active and working website.

How can I create my own customized 401 and 404 pages?

Viewing the code editor window

That’s really simple! Just access your template editor from Settings > Template editor and select either ‘Error 401’ or ‘Error 404’ from the Layouts menu.

Customizing it is up to you - you can add plain text, an image or a complete page layout. If you need any help with this, just contact us at and we’ll gladly assist you.