Creating new or removing old pages

Expand your website structure by adding as many pages as necessary.

What are the differences between pages and subpages?

You can add two different types of pages to your website at Voog - main pages and subpages.

Main pages, by default, are displayed in the main menu. Usually, they contain firsthand information which then may be divided into separate fragments with the help of subpages.

The subpage itself usually contains a certain amount of information about a larger topic.

For example, if you have created a webpage for your restaurant and added a page specifically for courses, you'll probably need to use subpages to help divide it into smaller options such as side dish, main course and dessert.

How do I add a new page or subpage to my site?

Click on the '+ Add' icon in your main menu to add a new page to the menu.

Clicking on the 'Add' button to add a new subpage

Adding a subpage is similar— just find it in the menu of a page. The placement of this button varies with design.

Clicking on 'Add subpage' in the previously added page

Once you've clicked either of these buttons, a new page form will show up where you can add the page a title, set its address, choose the layout and decide if you want to display it in the menu or not.

The fillable fields when adding a new page to your site

How do I remove a page from my site?

If you'd like to remove a page or a subpage from your website, you have two different options.

Clicking the trashcan icon in the bottom right corner in the page settings tab

The first one is to open 'Page' from the lower-right side of your Voog panel and click on the recycle bin icon at the bottom right corner of the page settings window.

Clicking the trashcan icon to delete a page in the page structure view

The second one is to simply proceed to the Content > Structure menu. You will arrive at the site structure, where you'll be able to delete a preferred page by clicking on the trash bin icon behind it.