Password protected pages

Learn how to use our password protection function to share only certain pages with selected guests. The invitations will be sent out automatically by mail, which makes the use of this feature simple and private.

Sometimes it's necessary to share a page with a select few - that's where our password protection feature comes in handy. And to really ensure your privacy, our password-protected pages won't show up in search engines since they've been disabled in the robots.txt file.

Once you've chosen to add password protection to a page on your website, please note that users invited to view password-protected pages have global access. This means the users you invite can see all password-protected pages on your site, not just a specific page.

How do I add a password to a page on my site?

Selecting 'password protected' from the page settings' access dropdown

Go to the page that you need to add the password to, and open 'Page' from the bottom right corner of your Voog panel. Select 'Password protected' from the 'Access' menu and your page is protected.

How do I add users to view a password protected page on my site?

Inviting an external user to view the password protected site from the page settings

Once you've selected 'Password protected', an invite field opens up to which you can add as many mail addresses as needed.

How do I remove previously invited users from a password protected page?

Deleting a person with access to a password protected page from the trash bin icon

Just click on the small trash bin icon behind the invited mail address. Once that's done, they can't access this page anymore.

How do I remove password protection from a page?

Making the page public again by choosing 'Make it public' from the access dropdown

To completely remove the password protection from your page, click on the blue 'make it public' again link in the 'People with access' pop-up menu.