Checkout fields

Customize your store's checkout fields.
When a customer makes a purchase in your store, they have to enter their details at the checkout. Sometimes you need some extra information about their purchase. For example, the customer might wish to leave a short note with their order. Or if the order is to be delivered to a pick-up point, the customer's phone number is always required. To ensure all necessary information is included, you can customize your store's checkout.

How to access checkout settings?

To view checkout settings, go to Store > Settings > Checkout.

Here, current fields are displayed in the order they appear at checkout. You may add, customize or delete/hide fields in this view and preview your checkout form by clicking Preview at the top. To reset the fields to their default state, click Reset.

Checkout fields view

How to add a new field?

Click on Add new field link on the top right. Fill out the fields in the dialog that appears and click on Apply button at the bottom of the page or press Ctrl/⌘+S.

Dialog for adding a new field

How to customize a field?

Customize a field by clicking on it, which opens up a settings dialog. Under Type you can select the field type. Layout determines how fields are laid out. If you select 'Single field', the field will always be placed onto a separate line. Selecting 'Side by side' allows two fields to be placed on the same line, depending on the customer's screen width. To view your current layout, take a look at the preview option described above.

How to delete a field?

Only fields that you have created can be deleted. System fields can only be disabled (thus hidden), but not deleted. There are two options to delete or hide a field:
  1. Click on the three dots next to the field and select Disable or Delete.
  2. Click on the field; in the options dialog, click on the eye or trashcan icon.

Icons and location for deleting/hiding a field

How to change the order of the fields?

To reorder your fields, click on one of your fields and drag it to your preferred location.

How to require filling in a field?

Again, there are two options to do so:
  1. Click on the three dots next to the field and select Set as required.
  2. Click on the field and select the Required field option from the options dialog.

Setting a field as required

How to translate fields?

Translate the field's title and helper text by clicking on the field and selecting a language from the top-right corner. Only translatable properties remain editable.

Language option for a field

 Don't forget to press the Save button after changing your checkout fields.