Swedbank e-commerce payment initiation

With Swedbank, you can accept payments from clients of all major Baltic banks – Swedbank, SEB, LHV, Coop, Luminor, Citadele, Šiaulių, Medicinos, Urbo Bankas and Revolut Bank – under a single contract. Review the pricing details from Swedbank.

Necessary steps on the Swedbank website

Fill out the application for accepting payments online. The bank will contact you as soon as possible, no later than the third business day.

Once the e-commerce payment initiation service agreement is signed, you will be provided with a Merchant ID and the contract will be visible in your Swedbank online banking under your list of agreements. Log in to your Swedbank business account, navigate to the e-commerce payment initiation page, and find the 'Update Key' (→ Generate New Key) button next to the agreement in your list.

Do not forget to save the private key to your computer.

Note: if you have generated and downloaded the keys but were unable to directly save the new public key to the service agreement, you must send the public key as a text file to your account manager or to the email address ekaubandus@swedbank.ee. This is necessary to complete the activation of the agreement.

Necessary steps to activate a payment method on your Voog website:

  1. Log in to your Voog website and from the toolbar at the bottom, select Store > Settings, then in the Settings view that opens, choose Payments.
  2. Click on the Add payment provider button and select the Swedbank icon.
  3. Turn on the Enable provider switch. This ensures that this payment method is activated and will be shown to the buyer in the shopping cart.
  4. In the Provider section, enter the Merchant ID, select your country, and in the last field for Private Key, copy the Private key from the downloaded text files.
  5. Decide which payment methods you wish to activate and save.

Once all these steps are completed, Swedbank bank links will be successfully integrated with your store.