Translating a product and its variants

Translate your products and its variants to reach an even wider audience.
If you have added multiple languages to your site, then you may want to also translate your products and their variants. To do so, go to Store > Products.
Product management view
Choose a product that you wish to translate. In the Details view, you can translate the product name by clicking the Translate… link.
Location of the link for translating a product's name
Then you can see the product name in your site’s main language. You can add translations next to it.
Product name translations view
To translate the product variants, move to Variant types view. There you will see all variants of your product. You can translate them by clicking on the cogwheel icon next to a variant type and selecting Translate... You will be shown the variant types and their values. You can add translations next to them.
Location for adding translations for product variants