How to add a notification about using cookies on my website?

If you need to notify or ask consent about cookies on your site, you can add it easily to your site code.

A cookie is a small piece of data stored in your browser when you visit a specific website.

Voog uses cookies to track and store users’ language preferences. We don’t store personal information about you nor make it possible to identify you.

To ask consent from your website visitors, you can use any third-party solutions from the web. For example, one that we recommend is a Javascript plugin called Cookie Osano:

Firstly, click on the "Start coding" button, configure the message’s position, style and text in the setup tool and then just copy-paste the resulting code to your site’s source code.

Go to Voog menu Settings > Site and paste the shorter code from the top field into the Header code field and longer code from the bottom field into the External tracking code field. Don’t forget to Save and you are all good!

NB: As anything written in the header and external statistics code blocks are run only in logged out view, then you will not be able to see the cookies notification when logged in. To verify that everything is correct, you could view your website in an incognito window, where you aren't logged in to your Voog account.

Cursor on external tracking code field in site settings