Generating an export of your website

It's possible to generate an export of your website and then download it to your computer whenever needed.

Before any major changes, it's always wise to generate a backup version of your site. NB! Exporting your website is only possible with the Plus package or above.

To do this, simply open up your structure view from Content > Structure. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the first structure, where you'll see the link 'Want to download the entire site?'.

Cursor pointing at 'download the entire site?' button

You will be directed to our site download view, where you'll be able to initiate the backup. It usually takes a couple of minutes so feel free to leave the page — we will notify you via e-mail once the backup has been successfully generated.

Cursor pointing at 'Generate new package' button

To download the backup, simply click on the zip icon in the menu and you're good to go!