Cancelling your subscriptions

Cancelling your subscription doesn't mean that you're deleting your website.

What happens with your website when the subscription expires?

Once your Voog subscription expires and it's not listed in the list of our recurring payments, your website will be just closed from the public view. You can always access it by logging in, continue developing it and make it available to the public again by renewing the subscription.

How can you manually stop the subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by only deleting your website. However, we strongly suggest not to do it - in case you've run into any technical issues, do contact us at beforehand.

In case you're still set on leaving, you can do that in the Settings > Billing menu by choosing 'Need to close the account and delete this site? Proceed here' from the bottom of the page.

Clicking the 'Proceed here' link under 'Settings' and 'Billing' from the bottom bar to delete your site

Note that by deleting your website you also lose any credit on your account and you can not use it any further.