Getting a fully customized design

Go beyond our template designs and make your website unique.

Can I customize the design of my site?

Of course. Voog enables you to create any design you wish. Modifying your website design can be done through Voog template editor which allows you to totally rewrite your design in HTML and CSS.

You can access the template editor by first accessing the Settings > Design menu, choosing browse themes and then clicking on the customize its code link on your current theme. Start by modifying or replacing parts of any design template we offer.

Finding the 'customize its code' button on your selected theme while browsing themes

Also, you can take a design made exactly for developers and designers - Pripyat. Pripyat includes necessary parts of a design (e.g. menus, layouts etc.), but it comes with almost no styling so that you can give it your own touch.

A screenshot of the Pripyat theme

But what if you're not that familiar with CSS and HTML? No worries. Voog is being used by several design agencies and bureaus all over Europe who can build you any kind of website with Voog. To get in touch with them or find out more about customized websites, just drop us a line at

How do I switch back to a Voog standard design?

To get rid of a customized template and start again with one of our standard ones, access Settings > Design, click on the 'Launch code editor' button and click the "Want to switch back to a standard theme? Browse our designs" link at the bottom of the page.

Clicking on 'Browse our designs' in the code editor to switch back to a standard theme

NB! If your custom design is made by a design agency, we strongly advise you to contact them before any changes regarding the design are made.