Adding new or removing old posts

Find out how to easily create and remove your blog posts.

How can I create a new blog?

Creating a new blog basically means to create a new page. To do that, make sure you're logged in to your Voog site in the edit-mode.

Create a new blog by going to the Content > Structure menu. You will land on a page where all your current pages are listed.

Simply click on the 'Add new page' button and again, you'll be asked to name the page and to create a blog, choose 'Blog & News' as the layout.

How do I write a new entry on my blog?

If you'd like to add a new entry on your blog, simply go to the blog site and you should see a '+ New Post' button underneath the main menu.

Alternatively, you can also add a new post by first opening the Content Blogs menu and then by clicking on the 'Add new Blog post' icon.

Either way you'll be directed to the article editor where you can start writing your new blog post. After you have finished writing your post draft, you can publish it from the 'Article' menu.

To read in depth about the title, excerpt and body fields in the article editor, please see the 'Starting your first blog with Voog' chapter.

How do I change my blog post?

Find the blog post you wish to modify and just click on it and add all of the necessary changes. Do not forget to save changes. If your article is already published, all new changes are automatically published as well.

How do I delete a post from my blog?

Once you've landed on the blog article that you wish to remove, click on the 'Article' settings icon on the lower-right side of the Voog panel. You will be directed to a settings box where its possible to delete the current article with the 'bin' icon right next to the 'Save changes' button. When you're completely sure that you'd like to delete the article, click on the delete button and confirm it. There is no option to recover deleted blog articles!