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How to add shipping methods to my online store?

Read here how to add various shipping methods like Omniva and Smartpost parcel machines or different carrier services to your online store.

We provide an extremely simple form for setting up shipping methods in order to make managing your store as easy as possible. The form can be found under 'Settings' if you click Content > Store and then 'Shipping'.

In order to add new shipping method, click on the button '+ Add new' and fill out the opening form.
  • Name — it will be displayed in the shopping cart exactly as you write it in the form. It is also the only mandatory field.
  • Price — the price defined here does not include VAT. VAT will be automatically added in the shopping cart and is defined in the store settings.
  • Availability — it defines if the percise method is visible in the cart — if disabled, the shipping method will be hidden from the shopping cart.
  • Description — a short additional text that will be displayed when the shipping method is selected in the shopping cart.
  • Options — each line here represents one additional option among which the client can choose the most suitable one. For example, if you provide shipping to parcel machines you should add here the different locations of the machines or if you have added a carrier service, you can add different times during which the package will be delivered.