Automatic data exchange with Itella

Enable automatic data exchange to consign orders to Itella automatically and download shipping labels directly from Voog.

Sign a contract with Itella

  1. First, sign a contract with Itella. Write an e-mail to sign a contract.
  2. The Itella sales team will agree on the terms with you, and API keys will be created for you.

Activate data exchange with Itella 

To enable automatic data exchange with Itella, navigate to the Shipping methods view and click on the Itella shipping method you have previously added. If you need to add a new shipping method, click the button with the Itella logo under the Delivery provider section. This will open the Add shipping method dialog box. For more information, check out “How to add shipping methods to my online store”.

Add Smartpost pick-up points

 In the Add or Edit shipping method dialog box, edit the following options in the Delivery section:

  • Enable API — activate automatic data exchange with Itella.
  • API key and API Secret key you get from the Itella sales team.
    Note! When you are filling the API fields, please check that there are no extra spaces at the end of the entered data.

Click the Save button.

Setting up the Itella integration

Read more about shipping labels.