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Uploading pictures and files

Upload all of the necessary content to your Voog site through our 'Files' menu.

How can I upload files into my Voog '€˜Files'€™ menu?

Uploading your documents, images and other files to your Voog site is quite simple. Just open the '€˜Files'€™ menu and click on the 'Upload'€™ icon. A browser will open with which you can select your files from your computer and then initiate the uploading process by clicking 'Open'€™.

Alternatively, you can also drag and drop your files from your computer into the '€˜Files'€™ menu.

A half-transparent circle indicates the current upload process per file with a circular motion. Once the circle has disappeared from the thumbnail of the file, it has been successfully uploaded.

How can I remove files from my Voog 'Files' menu?

If you'd like to remove any files from your Voog 'Files' menu, simply hover over the image with your cursor and you'€™ll see a bin™ icon in the lower-right side of the thumbnail. When clicked, the file will be deleted.

Is there a size limit for one upload session?

Yes, it'€™s possible to upload up to 50mb of file size per one session.

In case you're looking to upload bigger files, we suggest hosting them on another host and simply linking them on your Voog webpage instead.

What other functions does the Voog 'Files' menu have?

Search engine

If you have a long list of files and no time to browse through them all, simply write your file name into the 'Search...' field on the left side of the 'Files' menu and our system will find it for you.


To make your file management even more easier, we also provide an option to easily create collections of your files. For example, you can add all of your images into separate collections so they're always easy to find.

View and manage your files in a full screen files menu

Our file manager is also available as a full-page feature to help you further organize all of your uploaded images, documents and other files.

Just open the 'Files' menu and click on the 'Full screen' in the bottom of the menu on the left side. You will be directed to the files menu where you may see all of your uploaded files listed.

Also, you can upload even more files by clicking on the 'Upload' icon, selecting the files and initiating the upload process. Alternatively, you can just drag and drop your files into the page and they'll be uploaded, too.

There is a search engine on the pages' header to help you easily find all of your files and the collections menu, in case you've added your files into separate collections.

Lastly, you can select in between the grid or list view, which is a helpful tool if you just want to see thumbnails as opposed to the files details such as their size and upload date.

You can also easily delete any unnecessary files from the full screen files menu. Just click on the thrash bin icon behind the file, confirm it and it will be deleted.