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Buying personal domain names

Create your online identity and buy domains for your business.

How do I buy a domain from Voog?

With Voog, you can buy as many domains for your website as you wish and they all work as aliases (pointing to your website).

In order to buy a domain, log in to your website and choose 'Settings > Domains' and pick 'Add new' from the right corner of Domains .

Now type the domain address you wish to buy into the field given below. Click on the 'Search' and choose the one (or hey, take several ones already) you like by adding them to your cart ('Add to cart' button behind the domain name).

Continue with clicking on the 'Check out' on your lower menu bar and you are directed to the store-view. You can now modify the items from the left or right upper corner (e.g. change the period you wish for your subscription).

After setting up the items, fill in the fields necessary and make the payment with a preferred payment method. When the payment is done and registration has been completed, your domain will begin to work in the next few hours.

Please do note that y
ou can buy a personal domain for your site only in case you are have a Voog Plus or Standard subscription.