Creating buttons

You can add buttons to your Voog site to make navigating between pages easier.

How to add a button to your webpage?

To create a button, select an existing text block or create a new one. Clicking on the text block brings up a toolbar. Choose Styles (¶) > Button from the toolbar and a new button will be created in the text block. You can enter text for the button by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can create a button by selecting some text and styling it.
Choosing the 'Button' style from the text editor toolbar
In order to make the button functional, you need to assign it a link that will be opened when the button is clicked. To add a link, click on the button, enter your link into the textbox and select the correct link from the given options.

You can add three different kinds of links:

1. Link to a subpage on your Voog site
To add a link to a subpage, enter the name of your subpage in the textbox and select the desired page from the options. Make sure that the description says Page at /pageaddress.
Adding a link to a button
2. Link to a different website
To add a link to an external website, type the address of the website in the textbox, e.g. The description becomes Website address and the button will take your visitors to the webpage.

3. Link to an uploaded file
To add a link to an uploaded file (e.g. a PDF document or a picture), type the name of the file in the textbox and select the file from the results. Clicking on the button will open the file.

How to delete a button?

You can delete a button by clicking on it and selecting the cross symbol next to the link. Then your button will be deleted, but the text will be preserved.
Deleting a button