Inserting custom content

Learn how to easily embed custom widgets to your Voog site.

How do I add custom widgets to my site?

Our customers often ask us how to add social media newsfeeds or other external content to their website. Begin by clicking on the plus sign and add an 'Embed' content area to your page.

Cursor pointed at the 'Embed' button on the content area selection

You will see a new field appear in the content area titled 'Insert dynamic content from any modern web app'. As you click on it, a new window will appear where you can insert your widget code. Just click 'Insert' to save it. Keep in mind that some widgets might require a refresh to your internet browser to be displayed correctly.

Cursor on the embed content area window for inserting a video link or code

Alternative method

If the 'Embed' content area doesn't give you the desired result, there's another way as well. Select the 'Text' content area and click on the penultimate button on the text toolbar – the HTML tool.

Highlighted video and HTML source icons on the toolbar

Clicking on it opens a box where you can paste your widget code. Once you click on 'Update' your widget appears.