Manage your orders

In the order view of your store you'll find a number of functions that help you manage your orders more efficiently. For example you can filter your orders based on different criteria or download the order list. 

Filtering and export

At the top right corner of the orders view, you can see the buttons Filter by… and Export….

Filtering enables you to display selected orders based on specific criteria. You can filter orders by date, sum, payment and shipping status, and whether they’re archived or not. We'll get back to archiving below…

View of options for filtering by payment status

You can apply several filters at once – for example, filter payments from a specific period that are paid but not shipped and with a minimum sum of €20.

By clicking on Export… you can download your orders in XLS or CSV format. In addition, you can choose CSV with items in which case individual products are listed in separate rows. If you prefer, you can export only selected orders by applying filters first.

Archive your old orders

When you’ve run your shop for a while and more and more orders are piling up, you can archive your older orders so that they’re not automatically displayed in the order list view. NB! You can’t delete your orders. That’s in your own best interest because you may need to look up an old order. That’s why you can move them away to the archive but you’ll always have access to them.

To archive an order, click on the three dots at the end of the row and select Archive.

Cursor pointing at 'Archive' in order options menu

You can see your archived orders by clicking on Show archived orders. You can always bring orders out from the archive as well – click on the three dots again and select Unarchive. As mentioned above, you can also view your archived orders by filtering them.