How to add product variants?

Variants are alternative versions of a product, such as different sizes and colors. Adding product variants will make your product management more efficient.

1. Adding variants

Product variants can only be created for already existing products. See the guide here. If you have an existing product, go to Store > Products and click on a product for which you would like to add variants.

'Add variant type' highlighted in product settings view

'Add variant type' button allows you to assign variant types and values. For example, a variant type would be 'colour' and variant value 'white', 'black' and 'red'. After entering each value press enter to confirm. You can add more than one variant type for a product. 

Add new variant type with values

Once a variant type is created, you can copy that to another product from its variant type menu.

2. Removing variants

To remove a variant or its values open additional selection next to the variant type. Select Delete to remove the entire variant type and the remove particular values, select Edit and remove the values by clicking on the x.

NB! By adding or removing variant types, a new list of variants will be created and previously saved variants will be removed.

3. Managing variants

Product variants can be managed at the Store > Products menu and by selecting the desired product. You can specify a price, stock and availability in the 'Variants' section below. For example, if a black size M T-shirt is out of stock, simply locate the variant 'M / Black' and write 0 in the Stock field. Don’t forget to save the changes.

View of editing variants