Inventory management in your online store

Inventory management becomes a necessity when you have added a selection of products to your webstore. Adding a stock value will help to keep track of your available products.

Adding the stock value to your products

The stock value can only be added to already existing products. See the guide about creating products here. When you have a finished product, go to Store > Products and select a product you wish to add stock value to. Note that stock value is set to unlimited by default. When you set the stock value to 0, it means that the product is out of stock and cannot be purchased.

View of products list in editors view

You can keep track of your available and booked products in the products view. If the number of products in stock is positive, it will decrease automatically with each successfully paid and dispatched the order. When it hits 0, the product is essentially out of stock and cannot be purchased. If the stock value is not set, our system does not automatically change it with new orders.

Cursor pointing at the 'Fulfilled' option for shipping status
The 'Booked' status means that the product has been ordered, but the order isn't paid for or dispatched yet. The booked products' count is subtracted from the real stock value when determining whether the product is in stock or not. Once the order is paid, you can change the order's status from the 'Orders' view to 'Fulfilled'. This releases all booked products and reduces their stock value accordingly.

Inventory management with product variants

When your product has variants, then you can manage its stock values separately. In the product's detailed view, find the list of variants and click on the variant you wish to manage. Now that variant's stock field is shown.

Highlighted are of editing options for variants for a product