Montonio bank links

How to add Montonio to your online store?

Montonio's integration accepts Visa/ Mastercard, payment links for all major Baltic banks as well as financing solutions for your customer. All this at an affordable cost, empowering even small and medium sized e-stores.

Once you have read the Terms and Conditions and become familiar with the provided service, you are ready create an account. and sign Montonio's contract.

Once you have logged in at Montovio, go to Business settings, which you can find in the bottom of the left-hand side menu. Check that your information is correct and find the API keys

API keys

Log in to Voog, open Store > Settings, go to the Payments tab and select Add payment provider. Find Montovio in the list of payment methods, click the Add button. If your shop is ready to accepts payments, toggle the switch in the top-right hand side to Live.

Adding Montonio as a new payment provider

Copy the Access key and Secret key from Montovio and paste into the corresponding fields in Voog. Click Save and proceed. Following the setup you can tick the payment methods and bank links that you want available in your store:

Payment methods selection

Save your changes and your setup of Montonio has been completed!