Logging into your website

There are multiple ways to log in to your website at Voog.

The easiest way to log in is by clicking on the "Log in" link at the upper-right side of the page at http://www.voog.com.

'Log in' button on Voog's site

You will have to provide the email and password you have signed up with, and after a successful log-in, you will be directed to your Voog website in edit mode.

Voog's log in screen

Alternatively, you may also add '/admin' to your websites address, and you'll be directed to the log-in window (example.com/admin or example.voog.com/admin).

If you wanted to log into another website that you have also registered with the same email address, simply go to the Dashboard.

Highlighted dashboard button on the menu bar in the bottom left corner

You should see all the sites tied to this email address and access your website of choice by clicking on one of them.