Logging into your website

This guide provides essential information for logging in to your Voog website using various website login options. Follow these simple steps to access your site.

The Direct Login Method

Among the website login options, the most direct method is to visit www.voog.com and click the "Log in" link located in the upper right corner of the page.

'Log in' button on Voog's site

Enter the email and password you used during registration. After a successful login, you will access your Voog website in edit mode.

Voog's log in screen

The Alternative Method

A different way to access the login window is by appending '/admin' to your website's URL (such as example.com/admin or example.voog.com/admin).

Accessing Multiple Websites

If you have a different website under the same email address and need to log in, navigate to the Dashboard.

Highlighted dashboard button on the menu bar in the bottom left corner

You will find all the websites associated with this email address. To select from the available website login options, click on the desired site to manage it.