Resetting your password

What to do when you need to change your password or even worse, what happens if you forget your password? No worries, there is always a solution!

Changing your password

There are two different ways to access the page where you can change your password.

  1. Log in to your Voog site, select Dashboard from the menu and click on the round icon that's after your name. From there, click on 'My profile'. 
  2. Clicking on 'My profile' in the dashboard
    At the bottom of your profile page lies the 'Password' menu where you’ll be able to click on the 'Change' option.

Clicking on 'Change' to change the password under profile settings

Resetting your password

Clicking 'Forgot?' in the login screen

If you can't sign in with the password that you've previously chosen, please re-check if you're really typing it correctly. In case you copied and pasted it, make sure any extra spaces or characters aren't included by accident. Try typing it in again, and if that still doesn't work, click the 'Forgot?' link on the sign-in window.

The 'Forgot password?' screen

You can then provide your sign-up e-mail and by clicking on the 'Reset password' button, our system will send you further instructions with a link to help you reset your password.

If solutions from above aren't working

If you've tried all of the solutions above and you're still not having any luck with logging in, get in touch with us at Don't forget to add the name of your website and the e-mail address that you've signed up to with (in case you're e-mailing us from another address).

Please note that all of the sites that you've created with one particular e-mail address can be accessed with the same password as well as in the same log-in session.

Highlighted dashboard button on the menu bar in the bottom left corner

Just click on the Dashboard in the bottom left corner and you can see all of the sites tied to your e-mail address.