What if you have created several websites with Voog?

You can switch between your websites with ease while remaining logged in to the same account.

Changing swiftly between your Voog sites

Suppose you have registered several websites with one e-mail address. In that case, you can quickly switch between them by opening the Dashboard at the bottom left corner.

Highlighted dashboard icon on the menu bar at the bottom left corner

If you wish to edit a website that you manage with another e-mail account, you need to log out of the site. For that, click on the rounded icon after your name in the Dashboard. Then proceed to the log-in window https://www.voog.com/login.

Creating a new Voog site quickly

Clicking on the 'Add new site' button in the Dashboard

You can create a new website with the same log-in information by clicking on the big blue + sign in the Dashboard.