Getting your website to show on Google search results

Let the world know about your awesome website.

How do I get my site to show up on search engines?

When you have created a brand new website there is no way anybody, even search engines like Google, can know about it. If you feel ready to make your site discoverable by search engines, the easiest way is to use the Google Add URL service.

However, for more fine-grained control over Google search results, we recommend using Google Search Console.

How to install Google Search Console on your site?

First off, make sure you have added a personal domain to your website. Read more about domains from our guide section.

Log in to Google Search Console (you'll need a Google account to do this). Add the address of your site (for example, to your account. When the address is added, Google will ask for verification to confirm that you really are the site owner. Choose 'URL prefix' as the verification method, which gives you a code like this: 'googlef52f1d814b8972e9.html'.

You can add the verification code to your site in the Site Properties view. Go to Content > SEO.

Enter the verification code into the 'Google Search Console verification code' field and click 'Save'. You can then complete the verification process by clicking 'Verify' in your Google Search Console account.

NB. Remember to set up a correct address in your Google Search Console account. If you want to promote your site with an address such as "" then you should add the "" not "".

You can read more about this on our blog post on how to make your website show up on Google.

Once your site is indexed, you're halfway there. Probably the best way to get your site to the top of search results is to promote it: get incoming links from relevant, high-quality sites.

You can also use Google Analytics, another free service, to get detailed information about your visitors: where they're from, how they get to your site and what they do there. Find out here how to add Google Analytics code to your Voog site.