Overview of Voog's statistics

Statistics can reveal who are your visitors and to whom should you target your business to.

Statistics – why should you care?

Statistics are not just numbers — they can be the centre of your business.

A website can be a really important channel for your business and a place for your customers to actually find you. Statistics can therefore help you diagnose whether your website is popular or not.

Also, you can get a better overview of who visits your website, where they're from, and what they actually do on your website. Perhaps this makes you realise you need to put more emphasis on certain aspects of your business.

Before you see any statistics about your website, we recommend you to make your website known to the world wide web by using Google Search Console

Where can you see the visitor statistics of your site?

Voog has a built-in statistics module that shows general information about your website visitors.

Cursor pointing at 'Stats' on lower menu bar

Click on the 'Stats' button from the lower menu bar and choose:

  • 'Visitors': stats about visitors' origin as well as which browsers and op-systems they use;

  • 'Content': stats about which pages within your website are most visited ones;

  • 'Sources': stats about from where your visitors have come from

We also recommend using Google Analytics, which is a free service providing more detailed and accurate statistics. Voog has a built-in mechanism to add Google Analytics to your site, which can be found from the 'Stats' menu. Read about it from here.