Calculating transaction fees for your online store

If you're running an online store on Voog and using the Standard or Plus plan, we apply a transaction fee on your store's sales.

For both Standard and Plus plans, the transaction fee is 3% of the total sale. However, if you use Voog Pay for your transactions, we won't charge you any commission at all.

We calculate the percentage based on the transaction amount (invoice amount including VAT). All online store transactions with a payment status of Paid will be considered – this means that if a customer has left an invoice unpaid or you have cancelled an order, we will not apply the transaction fee for such transactions.

Note: There is no transaction fee in the Premium plan and with Voog Pay payments.

You can pay the transaction fee based on the invoice we issue when the unpaid transaction fee accumulated by the end of the previous month is at least €30. The invoice will include VAT on top of the transaction fee. Here's a detailed example of the calculation:

If a purchase is made in your online store for €50, Voog calculates the transaction fee as follows:
0.03 * €50 = €1.5.
In addition, the applicable VAT (20%) is calculated on the transaction fee:

0.2 * €1.5 = €0.3.
So, the final transaction fee for this sale is

€1.5 + €0.3 = €1.8.

To view a summary of your store's sales and accumulated transaction fees, you can access the online store reports. To do this, open the menu and go to Store > Reports, where you'll see a monthly summary of sales and transaction fees. For a more detailed overview, simply click on a specific row.