Extending your domain subscription

Don't let your domain expire, otherwise you might lose it.

I've already paid for my domain a year ago. Why do I have to pay again?

Domains (usually) are something you can't buy for a lifetime. Whenever you want to buy a domain, you actually pay for using it for a certain time and most commonly for a year or two. This means that you do have to make a new payment once your domain is about to expire. Otherwise, it goes back to being available for everybody and you lose your precious domain.

I got a letter saying my domain is about to expire. How can I extend my domain?

The letter that indicates that the domain is about to expire

We do care about your domain and don't want you to lose it. For that, we send out reminder e-mails so that you can easily notice when it is time to take action.

In case you have bought the domain from another service provider, then you do have to keep an eye on your domain yourself. If you are not sure who the registrar of your domain is, then you can always check it from the who.is website.